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I told my husband before we got married that cleaning was not something that I enjoyed to do at all! It was such a hassle and I worked such long hours that I didn’t always have the energy to do it. He explained to me that the number one reason why I hated it so much was because I was stuck in the stone age and using nothing but the simplest of tools.

He showed me the various appliances that I could purchase and bought some of the best vacuums that I have ever used. I didn’t know it was possible to be excited over a vacuum – but when it is able to clean dirt and debris from my shaggy rug (on which nothing has worked) than you can bet there will be a big smile on my face.

Out of all the things that he brought home none worked better or was more efficient than the Bissell steam cleaner. This unit was so great and easy to use! It allowed me to clean my floors and to remove stains without having to get down on my knees and scrub at it for hours. This particular unit is built with dual dirt lifter brushes that would pull the dirt and debris from deep inside the carpet. It was even strong enough to clean my shag rug – which is saying something!

When using this unit all you have to do is pour in water and the cleaning solution that you can buy – which must be used inside of it. Than you choose one of the four cleaning cycles and get to work. When you are done your floors will look like new and the Bissell steam cleaner will have applied a layer of scotch guard over them to help prevent future stains.

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