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Being a mom is one of the most amazing experiences in life. While they are pregnant the excitement is evolving and as women we start to prepare his or her new bedroom and to think of each the things we have to do to take care for them when they do happen to arrive.

The first thing you will have to make when they are born is whether or not you will be breastfeeding or bottle feeding them. The choice is totally up to you – but before you make a decision it is crucial to hear about the benefits that breastfeeding has to provide and why it might be better to wait on utilizing the bottle until they are a few months or one years old.

Healthy Bodies

The biggest benefit that your baby will ever get from breast milk is good health! Formula has crucial nutrients and vitamins that kids need – but it isn’t the exact same thing as getting it straight from the mom. When you eat veggies, fruits, protein, and your daily measure of calcium and water than you are giving each those nutrients to your baby.

Many research will show that breastfeeding can advance the immune system and aid them to fight off infections starting at a young age. It may even help them to fight off diseases like diabetes later in their life.

I have known many women who have breastfed their youngsters for a year or more and those infants were able to fight off stomach infections and did not have trouble with obesity when they were older like many kids did. The longer you can do this for them the better off they may be. In certain cases you can even stop bloating and gas that might be caused by certain formulas.

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