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There are a number of things that you can do when trying to advertise your company. One of the most effective way to reach a great deal of people is to put up outdoor signs around the entrance door that looks professional and will attract people to come inside. There are different designs and materials that you can use depending on what type of business you have.


If you have a bridal shop, sell flowers, or sell art than you should consider using fake or even fresh flowers. Use roses, daises, or carnations that will border the sign. You can secure them around a wire loop and have it spelling out the word ‘open or simply surrounding it.

Neon Lights

One of the best way to attract the attention of the customers outside is to use neon lights. These are flashy and perfect for restaurants, bars, or other types of fun places where people will gather to have some fun. These are inexpensive to buy or make and are some of the most effective.


Why not be creative and decorate the ‘welcome sign for your fishing store using large rocks. You can purchase these at home improvement stores and place them next to the front door. You could also save money and paint a letter in each word in white or black paint on rocks you find around the lake.


What better way to make a welcome sign than to use wood? This is a popular and inexpensive material that is great to use and is quite diverse. You can have the wood pieces cut into various shapes to match the type of products that you sell. Either paint or engrave the words onto the sign and finish it off with weather proof stain. You can add some more flare by painting other designs around it like flowers, birds, or other animals.

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