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France is thought to be one of the more romantic countries that is in the world. This makes it a great area to go camping together as a couple and to relish the beauty of the nature that skirts you. There are numerous unique places that you are able to camp at – which supply camping sites throughout the countryside and accommodations that cannot be found elsewhere.


Several individuals are under the assumption that they will have to drop hundreds to thousands of dollars in order to camp here. They are not right! It is rather low-priced when you equate it to certain other places. If you pick out a simple camping spot than expect to pay simply a smattering of euros.

Two individuals, one car, and a six person cottage might cost you round four hundred euros for a week. If you want to have electrical energy running through the camping site than you will have to drop four additional euros. Simply remember to bring your adaptor and extension cord.

Be sure that you abide by each of the regulations that have been set up. This means you have to stay quiet during distinct hours and always remember to clean up when you are done. You don’t need the raccoons to join the party.


A couple of us prefer to do things totally on our own and might rent out primitive places where there is nothing but nature and our own provisions. If you want something just a bit more ‘luxurious’ than you might find something that offers refrigerators, grills, televisions, and refurbished tents.

Pay more money and you can find a place for camping in France that has night clubs, grocery stores, wi-fi, ATM machines, pools, snack bars, and restaurants. These are provided only at the most upscale camping resorts that are situated on the coast.

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