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If you are a manager in your company than you should be taking the steps needed to make a point that you do all the things the right method. Attempting to manage employees can seem easy – but it is one of the most challenging jobs anybody might have. There are a number of rookie problems that people will make when in this position that might anger the employees.

The first mistake that most will make is setting goals for individuals that they can’t possibly meet. Help to give them plenty of time to finish a project and make sure that they have the data they require to get it completed right the first time.

If you have assigned them to a tricky schedule because your bosses have not given you another alternative than be prepared for them to work many hours. Don’t battle with them about trying to pay overtime and intentionally limit the amount of time they are able to work on the task.

If no mistakes have been made than don’t automatically think that they will. Trust everybody that works for you unless you have a logical reason not to. If there are trust problems with anyone than you have to consider hiring someone new.

Any problems between two coworkers should be covered cautiously. Do not pick a side – but be a moderator that might help to settle the trouble. You need for them to work everything out so they have the ability to continue to work with one another without animosity.

In order to be an competent project manager you must set a good example for everyone else. Don’t be one of those individuals who comes in late and leaves early and takes long lunches every day. Endeavor to come in before they do and leave with them. This shows them that you are working just as hard.

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