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Women usually have two obsessions; purses and shoes. They love being able to show off their sense of fashion and everything has to come together as an ensemble. One of the hardest part of the ensemble is finding a purse that will go well with anything that they wear. When they can find one good one than they won’t have to purchase a ton.


Handbags help us to look great – but they do serve an important function. We have to use them to hold our wallets, makeup, body spray, and any other essential items we might have. If there are too many pockets or not enough than there is no point in getting it.


Size has everything to do with choosing the right one. If you are like most women than you will carry around a ton of makeup to fix your face during the day, lotion, body spray, tampons, and other womanly essentials. This means you need something that is large enough to hold it all without it busting at the seams.

If you try to keep your bag organized than you probably only hold the bare essentials. This means that you need something that is medium sized. It is not so small that you have to hold it on your arm – but not so big that there is too much space inside.


The design is the next best thing and one of the most important deciding factors. If you are trying to be practical and have just one than you need to find something that will match every outfit. Having it made from a purple or blue material is pretty – but will it go with your green dress? Black and tan are the best neutral colors to have. Make sure to keep what you bought inside of a closet handbag organizer. This will keep it from getting crushed and ruined.

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