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Trying to move to a new city can be annoying, frustrating, and also expensive. It is not uncommon for people to try to guess the amount of money they will spend during the whole ordeal and come it a few hundred dollars short. When you are not prepared like this you will find yourself in dire straights. The best way to prevent this is to understand what you will be paying for.

Truck And Fuel

One of the biggest expenses (besides the new living space) is the moving truck and the fuel it is going to take to get it to the new destination. If you are moving within the same city than you can purchase a smaller sized truck and make several trips or if you are lucky you can borrow a truck from a friend.

The problem with renting something small is that you will still have to fill it up at least two or three times. Each fill up can cost you between $50 to $100 depending on how much the tank can handle and how much the price of gas is at the time. Obviously if you are driving to a new state or city you have no choice but to get a large truck and fill it up as needed. The price of the truck will vary depending on what size and how far you will be taking it.


If you want to see your deposit money than you need to take the time to clean out the old residence. You can either spend $200 to $400 or more to have someone come in and professional steam the carpets and clean every inch of the home. Or you can spend $100 to $200 to buy the supplies and do it yourself.


The supplies that you will use to pack up everything you own is going to be the least expensive thing you spend money on. You can get the boxes for free from restaurants and liquor stores. You can get the paper from your local newspaper company. The most you will spend is $5 to $10 on tape. The moving pads used to protect the furniture should come with the truck you rented.

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