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There are a number of different methods that you can use when trying to lose weight, stay in shape, and tone your body. Some people will use simple cardio exercises like walking or biking. Others prefer to do strength training with free weight and bench pressing. Than there are those who will do more alternative exercises like yoga or Pilates.

Pilates is a unique method that uses various exercises to tone and build up strength in every muscle in the body. It teaches you how to stretch your ligaments and muscles, become more agile, and endure more in your life. Learn how to do the basic movements and follow the right rules.


The key to a good pilates workout is posture. You must keep your spine straight and extend your muscles as far out as possible. Any slouching will hurt your body and will prevent you from getting an effective workout.


Each move that you make should be fluid and smooth – but it can still be exerting. Make sure that you coordinate your breathing to every movement. This will help you to control your heart rate, keep you from being overexerted, and to improve your metabolism.

Abdominal Muscles

Keep your abdominal muscles tight during each exercise. This helps to support your core, improve the posture, and strengthen the muscles in your stomach. While you are working out your arms and legs you will also be shedding belly fat.


Make sure that you stretch before and after every workout. This will keep your muscles loose and able to handle the strain that you are putting on them. By doing this you will prevent injuries and provide the best workout. The more you practice these techniques the better you will become and you will find you can use the Pilates machine for a more advanced workout.

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