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The wedding is the most important day of a woman’s life. It is the one day that she can make it all about herself and in which she can be a princess. Most woman who have planned out their wedding will stress over every detail. It is always easier to hire a planner – but if this is not possible learn about the different tools you can use to create the wedding of your dreams.


The first thing you have to start with are the dresses that you and the bridesmaids will be wearing. When you pick these out you will know if you want a casual or formal wedding. It will also help you to decide on what colors you want to use. Use wedding magazines to look at a few idea dresses. The best way to know what you want though is to try them on.

Spend a day at a bridal shop with your maid of honor and have her take pictures. Make sure that you have makeup on and your hair is done nicely. This will give you and idea of how you will look on the big day.


The food is usually the easiest thing to tackle. If you want to be very fancy than you will want it to be sit down and waiters to serve everyone. If you are on a budget than make it a buffet. You can still have an elegant wedding when serving food as a buffet style and you can still have tables for them to sit at.


The best thing you can do to keep yourself from stressing out is to have everything organized and to delegate people. Ask your bridesmaids and family to do certain things. Set up a wedding planner book and show them what favors you want to use and how to decorate the reception and ceremony venue. Remember to not be a control freak and be nice to them while they help you.

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