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Your children need to learn how to exercise their arms and legs and identify the things around them. The best way to teach them these things is to buy them the right type of toys. Just make sure that these toys are safe for them to play with.

The first thing you need to look at when buying a toy is what age it is for. If your child is two and the toy is for three and up than don’t get it. This means that your kid is too young to do anything with it. Don’t confuse your child or push them to learn things they are too young to understand.

One thing that parents don’t think to look for are potential choking hazards. If there are small parts to the game or toy than you might want to think twice about getting it for them. This is especially true if your child love to chew or eat things unusual. Wait till your child is a toddler.

Try to learn if the toy you are looking at has ever had a recall. You can find this information on the website for the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Try to find out if the manufacturer in question has had many or any recalls with other toys. It is important to stay up to date on this.

You would be surprised what some things are made out of. Lead paint is a hazard to young children because they love to chew and suck on everything. If it is made in China than you can bet that it is made with lead paint. Also make sure that it doesn’t have any sharp edges that can poke them.

Talk with other parents with infants and ask them to help you find different toys. Try to find something that will attach to their high chair, bouncer, or car seat cover. They can help you find the safe products that your kids will and learn from.

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