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When we go camping it is significant to bring the necessary provisions. This is what will assist you to have fun and keep safe when in the woods. One of the most critical of these is the tent that you want. Many people will choose to bring the inflatable tents because they are light and easy to put together.

The one disadvantage to them is that they can become punctured by rocks, sticks, and other debris. In case this takes place it is essential to have the proper provisions and to understand the easiest way to fix a hole without the need to purchase a new one or to sleep on the hard ground.

You should always bring along a puncture repair kit on hand for problems such as this on your trip. The best way to avoid this when out in the woods is to test it for news leaks before you leave for your trip.

Before you can repair it you should know where the leak is coming from. Inflate the tent and try to look for where the air is being discharged. This can be tricky, specially when the hole is rather tiny. To make things easier fill it with cold and soapy water. You will immediately understand where the hole is.

Mark the tear utilizing a felt pen. When you have done this you can deflate out the water. It needs to be simple to find the hole because you will mark it. Now put on solvent to the plastic patch that you got from the repair kit. The patch can go over the hole and cover the edges of it.

When the hole has been sealed you will be able to apply more solvent to the patch. Make sure it is completely dried before you inflate it or pour more water inside of it. If all is well than you know you have successfully repaired the inflatable camping tent with no problems.

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