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As women we love to look pretty whenever we are able to. By putting on the nice clothes, putting our hair up, and wearing make up we are able to feel comfortable with ourselves. One way that we enjoy to have this feeling is to put on lacey bras.

While these bras feel good and look good on us they are frequently overpriced. Women will spend anywhere between $50 to $100 or more for simply one bra. This is not bad as long as you understand how to clean them the right way so that they last longer.

Unlike your ordinary bras these cannot simply be discarded into the washing machine and dryer. When you do this you risk the lace being ripped off, the band stretching out, and the entire bra looking worn and old. The greatest way to clean them is to hand wash them.

Fill your sink with warm water and a small quantity of detergent. Never utilize hot water. This will make the elastic inside to warp. Carefully rub the bra together using your hands till you think that it is fully clean. When you are completed pull the bra from the water and lay it over a drying rack or outside on a clothesline.

Do not wring out the water. Allow it to drip dry so that you do not change the shape of it. Give it a couple of hours to dry it out in the sunlight and fresh air or within your bathroom.

It is still possible to clean the bra inside of the washer machine. To do this you need a mesh bag to put it in. Clasp it together and set it inside of the bag. Put the bag with similar colors and on the delicate setting. When it is finished being washed hang it up to dry.

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