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Laser removal is a procedure by which people will remove hair from their legs, arms, face, and bikini area. During this procedure the individual will go through numerous sessions and get rid of the hair for long periods of time or in some cases forever. It is a costly process – but one in which people are willing to pay for.

In order to make every session the most competent you must learn how to prepare yourself for it. Before the first sitting the technician will explain to you all of the risks of what might occur. If you go through a company with a great reputation you will more than likely never have any problems.

A couple of days before the session you need to keeps out of the sun and the tanning bed. Individuals who have dark skin are not able to have this process done to them. It is too tricky for the high intensity laser to cut through the dark skin so that it can to touch the hair follicle. In the majority of cases your physician will turn you away until the skin has lightened. This will keep any discoloration, blisters, and skin discomfort.

You should not wax or pluck your hair a couple of days to a week before you are to have it done. These methods might be effective – but for many individuals it might cause mild to severe skin irritation. Shaving is often allowed because it will help to shorten the hair a bit and it keeps the follicle intact.

You will learn that a few dermatologists will ask for you to shave a couple of days when preparing for laser sessions. This will aid to make it better for the hair to detach from the follicle. Remember that you will need a few sessions for one area and you need to follow these rules before each one.

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