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There are many people that enjoy to collect certain items and show them off in our houses. Others of us love to collect items merely so that we are able to sell them off. Individuals who can successfully purchase and sell antiques have the ability to make a lot of money. The trick is to understand the safest way to value what you have and


The first thing you need to do is determine the value of the antique that you have. Utilize books, magazines, or online websites to aid you to know what you have. Look on the plate or mug and try to find identifying marks. Most dishes will have a manufacturer mark settled on the bottom with the year it was made. Also search for any troubles and defects the dish may have. Any cracks or stains will decrease the value by a great deal.

Online Auctions

One of the easiest ways to sell what you have is to put up an ad through online auction sites. Ebay is one of the most prominent to use and you can acquire a good reputation with the individuals you sell to. Yet, you may have more success when you go through sites that specifically trade antiques. This allows you to get hold of particular clients.

Flea Markets

Flea markets are not necessarily the easiest way to sell what you own – but it is possible. Most cities will put up flea markets once each week or once a month. The problem with this is that you might not make as much you would like. Remember that individuals come to spend less while they are there.

Antique Stores

Why not go straight to the source and sell to the people who need to make a profit like you? You can sell antique plates at a decent price if you offer them to local antique shops.

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