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Many of us will install our wireless routers and if we can connect to the Internet without any problems we believe the job is done. If you don’t mind other people feeding off your connection and having access to information on your computers than you are done. However, most of us would rather we kept our connection safe. The only way to do this is to lock the wireless router.

Connect your computer to the yellow ports using the cable. It is best to connect directly to the modem so that your computer cannot be accessed before you are able to lock it.

Now access the routers settings page. Open your Internet browser and type in your routers address. The number can be found in the network connections in Windows. Right click the Internet connection, click status, click the support tab. The number should look like this 123.456.7.8 .

Once you have put in the address you will be asked to login. Only your manufacture manual or the web site for the manufacturer will be able to help you with this.

Find the wireless security settings on the routers setup screen. Click on the wireless security tab.

You should notice that the security settings have been disabled. Look at the options to see the different types that you can choose from. Most people will use WPA. This will allow you to enter a password in order to access your wireless connection. The password can be saved to your wireless settings so that you do not have to keep typing it in.

Enter the strong password you wish to use and press enter and save. Your wireless network connection has now been locked and is password protected. Remember to keep the wireless router locked and the settings the way they should be so that no one can ever hack into it.

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