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The kitchen is the busiest rooms within the home. This is the room where we make our meals and entertain guests. It is difficult to smell the good food that we are cooking when it is being masked by a offensive odor that is coming from our trash can. Unfortunately it is impossible for us to keep the can within the garage. We need it close by where we are able to throw junk away.

Fortunately there are definite things we can do to conceal the trash can. This will keep it out of sight and mind and will stop the smells that come from it. One of the easiest places to put it is in cabinets. In order to accomplish this you should have a moderate sized can. Try to clear space beneath the sink.

The only downside to keeping it in this place is that the can will become full quicker than usual. However, with it being within a cabinet you won’t have to concern about the smell that often. You can be inventive and install a pull out drawer that looks just like a cabinet. These cost a bit of money – but are the most convenient to get to.

Putting the can inside of the pantry should not be the first option – but it is handy. Depending on how big your pantry is will depend on what size it can be. The only disadvantage to this is that you are placing it around food that you eat up.

One of the more special ways you can hide trash cans is to use a box. You will be able to buy a standing storage container from a home department store. You will have the ability to keep your big can and place it anywhere in the kitchen. Place the storage container over it. This container might look like the cabinets around it so that it fits in with the décor.

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