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Losing weight is not always an easy thing for us to do. It seems that it takes two weeks to lose three pounds and two days to gain it all back. Eating healthy is essential to losing pounds – but it also helps to exercise. One of the best ways to do this is to use a treadmill.

The treadmill is effective at burning calories because it gets your heart rate up. When it is increased your body is using the fat or calories to keep moving. Be careful though. If your heart rate is too high you will cease to burn calories. At that point your body is just doing what it can to keep up with the motion you are doing.

To know what your target heart rate is subtract your age from 220. Multiply this number by 0.6 and 0.9. You can purchase a heart rate monitor to wear when using the treadmill or during any other exercise.

Start off your exercises by warming up on level one for five minutes. Walk at a slow, steady pace. Doing this will warm up your muscles and prevent injuries. At the end of the five minutes increase the speed and pace. Keep at this brisk pace for ten minutes and than create an incline.

While you are walking make sure that you are standing upright and not leaning on the front or sides of it. This will keep you from getting a good workout and burning more calories.

For a better work out alternate using an incline every five minutes. When you are finished walk a slow, steady pace for five minutes to cool down. In no time you will lose weight and see other treadmill health benefits in your life. Other benefits will include improving the condition of your heart and bones.

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