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Some families love to go out camping for a week or two during the summer time. It is a great way to spend quality time with each other without having to spend a couple hundred dollars.

One thing that children love to do on these vacations is make things. Why not show them how to make their own camping lights out of household items. These are a great way for them to be able to have fun without the need to drop a great deal of money and they will love using them throughout the entire trip.

There are several things you could utilize to put the lantern together. The simplest and more common item to use is the coffee can. Utilize a big, empty can and punch a couple of holes into the sides utilizing a nail and hammer. The holes have to be two inches from each other and put above the bottom of the can.

Now apply an inch of petroleum on the base inside of it. Put three or four candles within the jelly and utilize a match to light it up. The jelly can assist to keep the candles stable and will keep it going even after the candles are finished.

If you need something that is smaller than you will have the ability to make them out of soda cans. Use a box cutter and cut out a few slits on the side of it. The slits need to be a half an inch away from the top and a half an inch from the bottom. Each of them must also be a half an inch apart from each other.

Push the top and base of the whole can together. Now utilize a pencil and twist the sides out. Cut away two of the bars to make an opening for the candle to go through. Melt some wax around the candle in order to secure it to the bottom. These diy camping lights are good to utilize on picnic tables and round the campfire.

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