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When the light switch is needing to be changed or replaced our first instinct is that we should call an electrician who is able to come and do it. This is a great way to do it – but expect to pay around $40 or more for them to come into your house and spend ten minutes to set up something you could easily do on your own.

Before you start turn the electrical current to the switch off. You will have the ability to do this at the power circuit or the fuse box. When that is finished you will have to remove the cover plate over the existing switch.

Now take out the screws that are securing the switch into the wall box. Gently take out the switch by pulling down on the tabs that are situated on the top and bottom. Take a voltage tester and test both of the lines connected to the unit. This will tell you whether or not you were successful at turning off the power.

Loosen up the screw on both sides of the wire. Twist it up from the unit and undo the bottom screw. Bend it downwards from the unit and loosen the screw securing the ground wire. Now get rid of the old switch and throw it away.

Loose all of the screws that are attached to the new unit and wrap the ground wire around the screw and secure it tightly. If the wires are in great condition than you will have the ability to twine them around the bottom wire and screw and tighten them.

Now twine electrical tape around the new light switch. Make sure that the terminals have been wrapped so that the ground wires do not touch. Gently push the wires back into the wall box and secure the mounting screws. Screw in the cover plate and turn the electricity back on.

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