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Owning your own house is perfect till you are forced to repair some major problem with something. Trying to fix something that costs hundreds of dollars is not easy. The better way to keep this is to keep an eye out for the small problems. One little problem that a good deal of individuals don’t spot until it is too late is mold.

This has a tendency to grow in dull places like the bath, basement, or laundry room. It is able to grow along the floor – but it is usually observed along the drywall. If it is just a small outbreak and the drywall is painted than you will be able to easily clean it up. Intense outbreaks on walls that are not painted should be replaced.

Before you are able to begin you must wear gloves, mask, and eye gear. This keeps you from breathing in spores and protects your skin from the harsh cleansing agent you will be utilizing. Look close at the wall and look for the damage. Try to find out what caused the mold.

Combine together one cup of chlorine bleach with a gallon of warm water. Use a sponge to put the cleaner on the drywall and wash it in. Allow the bleach to sit on it for fifteen minutes. When the time is up wash down the wall with dishwashing detergent and fresh water. Wash it down well, rinse it down, and dry it using an old towel.

When you are done all of the mold needs to be gone. Don’t be scared to scrub the drywall mold so that it might be completely removed. There can be a slight discoloration when you are done. This is because of the paint. Simply buy a water based paint and put it to the walls. Mold cannot grow easily on this type of paint.

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