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Sometimes it seems nearly impossible to keep the house clean and tidy. No matter how much we endeavor to clean it there is constantly something that we have to clean. One of the toughest problems that we must contend with is mold. This is a toxic substance that grows along the basement walls and can cause health problems in individuals.

To know the best way to prevent it from growing all over the walls of your household you should first realize what causes it to produce in the first place. In order for mold to begin to develop it must be in an area that receives large amounts of moisture. The measure of humidity and water are the two biggest foods for mold growth.

According to research the more serious outbreaks will begin when a porous material has been hidden in condensation and water for long periods of time. That is why basements have such troubles. They are made of leaking pipes along the walls, ceilings, and floors through most of the year.

Lack of air circulation is another trouble that may cause mold to develop. The bulk of basements are made at a strange angle and below the normal ground level. Because of this they have virtually no air circulation. Try to keep big items a few inches away from all of the walls and try to open any windows.

In certain regions a home may be built on a slope. During particularly rainy seasons the water might accumulate around the edges of the basement and can leak inside of it. If you are able to, try to change the slope so that the water falls away from the house. The more you can do to prevent mold on basement walls the healthier your home will be.

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