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We all want to feel secure when we are in our home. We wish to be able to feel safe when we come home late at night. If we live alone or have small children we will be able to live better understanding that no one will come within the home without us knowing.

One of the more low-priced ways to keep your place safe and sound is to install outdoor ceiling lights. These are placed on the front and back entrance ways. Keep them on and criminals will be less likely to approach your house for fear of being seen by the neighbors.

These not only keep you safe – but they provide a great look to your home. These have the ability to be found at a home improvement store in a variety of designs and sizes. You can set them up into any present fixture and have it equate the look of your house. Expect to spend between $100 to $300 on one fixture.

Before you can put in the light you need to first turn the power running to the present fixture off. You will be able to do this by turning off the fuse. When that is finished you will have the ability to work on taking off the current fixture.

Look for the metal strip that extends over the middle of the opening of the mounting box. If there is none than you should put one on. Strip ¾ of an inch of insulating material from the wires. Connect the wires of the box to the new fixture and place caps over them. The green wire splice should be linked to the grounding screw over the mounting strap.

Set the wires into the box and link the new fixture onto the mounting strap. Fasten the canopy of the outdoor ceiling fixture and turn the power back on.

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