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The fireplace was at one time a staple in each home. Before electricity was around individuals trusted on the fireplace to keep their place comfortable during the wintertime and to cook each meal. Now people look more at the design rather than how functional it might be. There are a great deal of designs that you are able to select from that extend from the elegant, classical, conventional, and ultra modern.


If you have a wide open home than you would enjoy the Berlin free standing wood burning stove. This is made with curved glass and steel that has the ability to rotate 360 degrees on a circular glass floorplate. It is also built with three glass shelves where you can put books or knickknacks. It heats 1,500 square feet in every direction – which isn’t much. Still, most individuals will pay $10,000 for the design and nothing more.


If you love modern design than the Niagra wood or gas burning fireplace is what you are looking for. This is designed with a wood or gas burning fuel beneath a remote controlled waterfall over the top that is made with stainless steel. The fireplace costs around $15,000. For an extra $7,800 you can get the wood storage below and a roasting chamber above.


You want something a bit more conventional without being boring? The EcoSmart Fire Collection looks simple – but there is more to it than first meets the eye. It has no flue – but burns ethanol that makes it environmentally friendly. People will drop $4,400 and can set this conventional fireplace wherever they wish in their home or apartment. It comes in a mixture of shapes and sizes and for an extra $8,000 you can install a tile fireplace glass back and sides to it with a ‘floating’ shelf for the flame. This costs more – but people love how it looks.

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