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A great deal of individuals – including teenagers – enjoy the look of vintage when picking out what they wear. As adults we prefer the vintage design when it is utilized to decorate our homes. One good and low-budget way to use this design in your house is to make antique cabinets. There are two ways that you can use to execute this; staining and distressing.

Distressing Method

In order for this method to better work the cabinets need to already be painted. If yours have not been than you will not be able to purchase an off white or lighter color to paint them with. Try to select a color that can match the d├ęcor of the rest of the room as some of it can show through.

Utilize a medium grit sandpaper to sand down round the borders and the handles. This will help to produce a worn look. Do not get scared if you see the wood under the paint. This means that you are doing it right.

Staining Method

Put down tarp or an old canvas around your work space. Take Away the cabinets so that they are easier to work on. Start with the cabinets that have been stained or painted with a lighter color. Lightly sand them down using medium grit sandpaper.

You will have the ability to find a mixture of stains in unique colors. For a more amazing look you want to utilize something dark. Still, some of the medium to light colors will do good also. Try to use a color that will work for the rest of the room. Lightly apply the stain onto the cabinets utilizing a paintbrush.

After the stain has been put on utilize a sponge with paper towels in order to wipe it off. This is what will help to give it the texture of an antique cabinet. For it to look normal you need to focus most of this work about the handles and edges of the cabinets. When you are finished install new handles that will complete the look.

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