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When remodeling the bathroom what is the first thing that we wish to alter? For numerous home owners it is the floors – but for a few others it is the shower. Trying to know what type of shower you want to utilize is not always easy. That is why we are challenging you to your own.

Making a custom designed shower might be challenging – but fun. You must utilize imagination and know just what you want. The place to start is to decide on how big or small it should be. This will be based on the size of your bathroom. Measure the space where you desire it to go. That is how large the unit may be.

Once you have discovered the size you will be ready to move onto the style and shape that you want. This is when you are ready to choose if you want the traditional unit or something more glamorous and fun. Adhere to what is going to work best with the rest of the décor in the bathroom. Be sure you know in advance if you want to have a door or not.

The materials that you utilize will play a big part in what the general look will be. Many individuals are making them with clear or frosted glass. This will make the entire thing appear bigger – but if it has a door you will still have some kind of privacy. Around the floor, ceilings, and some of the walls you may want to utilize tile.

You can select from contrasting sizes and colors to make a simple look or a stunning collage. Keep in mind that with many of these custom design showers you will be able to utilize glass along only the free standing walls. Don’t forget to put in any features like seats, additional shower heads, and a steamer.

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