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Some of us will rent a steam cleaner so that we have the ability to keep our floors looking brand new without having to change them out totally. They work hard and quick at cleaning away stains and grime. For several of us we feel that it could utilize a deeper clean. That is when we reach for the disinfectant.

Before you begin to pour this into the machine you have to know if it has the ability to handle it. Numerous people do not know that most of these units are not able to be used with any other type of cleaner besides what comes with it. This implies that if you were to pour disinfectant into it the machine may blow up.

The best way to know whether or not your specific machine can handle it is to read the instruction manual that it came with. If you are not able to find yours than you might go to the online web site. They should have facts and info on all of their units.

If your machine can utilize it than you should make sure that you apply it cautiously and slowly. Utilize only the brands that are approved by the maker and nothing else. This can mean you have to spend more – but you don’t want to use something that produces a toxic fume in your house.

If you have a machine that is not able to utilize a steam cleaner disinfectant than you will be able to find a way round it. Simply spray it onto the floors and allow it to set for ten minutes. Run the steam cleaner over the floors like you would commonly do. When you are finished reapply it and let it set for another ten minutes before you will rinse it off.

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