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Snoring is a problem that several couples are forced to battle with. The person who is snoring may appear like they are sleeping hard – but in truth they are not able to fall into a REM state and are thus losing out on sleep. Their spouse does not have the ability to sleep at all or is falling asleep at such a late hour in the night that they don’t get much of it.

You could purchase a mouthpiece that will serve to move your jaw in such a way that it will stop the noise. If this is not adequate than you should try a couple of remedies that won’t cost you a thing.

If you commonly consume alcohol before you go to bed and a couple of hours before you fall asleep than now is the time to stop. Alcohol is well-known for relaxing the body and that includes the throat. When the throat is relaxed it will force your tongue to fall back into it and cause the disturbing noise everyone hates so much.

One of the simplest things you can do is to prop your head and torso six inches above the rest of your body. If that does not help than lay on your side and stomach rather than your back.

Dairy foods is another perpetrator that we never recognized could induce troubles. Warm milk might be known to help you to fall asleep – but it will cause mucus to develop. The more mucus there is in the throat the harder you will snore.

Do you eat large meals or snacks three hours before bed? This is a big no-no for two reasons. It might cause acid reflux – which will drive the acid in your stomach up into your throat. Not only will this induce you to snore – but it can damage your esophagus. This is one snoring remedy that has helped many individuals.

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