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In this economy it is important for college students to find a job that will allow them to have a flexible schedule. This means that they need to work enough hours to make a living – but the right ones so that it does not interfere with their school.

Unfortunately many employers will shut down the moment this is brought up. The best way to get a job with flexible hours and without being turned down by the first mention of it is to know how to present what you want in a clear and concise manner.

The most common requirement that is needed from employers is a set amount of hours that they need to work each week. You need to sit down with your class schedule and figure out the amount of days you can work in a week and how many hours you can work each week.

During this process you need to also set up a graph on what time frame you are available each of those days. Make sure that you tell your employer the days you don’t have school so that you can work longer hours on those days. It is important to remember that your schedule might change from time to time because they have to work around your school.

Asking for a flexible schedule is one thing – but you need to make sure that you are completely prepared for it. You might not always start and end at the same time. Also be prepared to work any extra hours. If they call you into work on your day off it would look good to your employer if you went in. The only time that you should forgo this opportunity for more hours is if you are out of town, at a family function, or during an emergency.

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