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Having a pool in our backyard is a great thing. It is something that we are able to utilize to work out and to cool down during the hot summer months when all it seems we do is sweat. The one disfavor is the danger that it poses to our young children who do not have the ability to swim. There have been many accidents where a child has gotten outside and almost drowned.

The better way to prevent this is to set up a pool door alarm system. This is set up onto the back door or screen door. It is produced to alert the parent after the kid has opened and closed the door. The alarm will keep going off till a parent has unarmed it with the right code.

These systems will cost around $50 for the system and at least one or two sensors. You can buy more sensors for around $10 to $20. Putting it up is simple when you follow the instructions in the manual.

The alarm that it uses is distinctive and different from that of the popular alarm system. This aids to make it simpler for the parent to identify the problem and understand just where it is coming from. The quicker they know what is going on, the sooner they are able to make it outside and stop their children before anything comes about.

The sensor that is on the door will go off when anybody goes through and is always on. There is no on/off switch that you can use. This prevents smart kids from being able to disable it on their own. Parents are able to prevent setting off the alarm when they are going outside by utilizing a particular pass that will come available with the product.

Although the pool alarm system is effective at preventing your kids from going outside to swim we feel that it is important to give them swimming lessons. Accidents might happen and you want your children to be prepared no matter what might occur!

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