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Men will ordinarily have a vasectomy on themselves when they are at a time in their life where they decide they don’t want anymore kids. They might not have any or they might have a lot – but either way they don’t want anymore. However, there are different things that might take place in life that might alter our minds on the matter. When this occurs they will have it reversed.

A vasectomy reversal is immensely different from the first operation. It takes twice as long for the doctor to do it, it costs twice as much, and it is more painful. You should expect to pay $10,000 and even than you will not be assured in knowing that you can get pregnant. A few men discover that the operation was only 50% effective for them.

There are different things that you can do to help make conceiving better for you. One of the more efficient is to put on a scrotum supporter. You are able to get these from your physician’s office or at a medical provision store. Keep this on for around six weeks after the surgery. It will help the whole area to heal quickly and with very little side effects.

It will take around six weeks for the man to heal completely. During the first four days he can experience exquisite pain. That pain will hang around for weeks – but it might not be as rough. During that time you need to take it easy and not do anything that will strain anything.

Wear boxers rather than the briefs. When you wear the boxers you are letting your whole area to remain cooled off. This will step-up the sperm count and make it better for the woman to get pregnant after vasectomy reversals.

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