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Businesses will have waiting rooms for people to sit and read while they wait to be seen. Some people have to wait so long that they become agitated and angry when walking into their appointment. The last thing you want to do is deal with an angry customer. One of the best ways to avoid this is to design a relaxing waiting room.

The room you have left after partitioning off the offices and supply closets is what will be used for people to wait in. Make sure that it is set up in such a way that allows them to sit comfortably and move about with little trouble. The entrance and exit need to be clearly mapped out and easy to find.

No one wants to sit in a room that is dark and hot. Try to add in as much natural light as possible and make sure that there is a working vent or ceiling fan. If you need extra light than try to pick out lamps that are soft and not going to make the room appear sterile and uncomfortable.

Try to add in other features like fountains, plants, pictures, and a play area for children. All of this will give the people something to look at and to occupy their time as they wait. Make sure you have a television and plenty of magazines for them to read. Pick an array of different, up to date magazines.

The most important thing you have to decide on are the types of waiting room chairs you are going to use. You need to pick out something that is going to be comfortable for them to get in and out of and to sit down for long periods of time in. You don’t want their backs to be hurting by the end of their wait.

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