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Now is the time in which we are trying to save money in any way that we can. This is why we will scour garage sales and flea markets to find cheap office chairs and desk that we can use. The good thing about this is that we can save hundreds of dollars. The one disadvantage is that these chairs can be uncomfortable due to the lack of fabric and wear and tear.

It might be tempting to just buy a new chair – but can you really afford it right now? Save yourself even more money by making your own chair cover. These can help to provide you with the right amount of fabric and cushioning to make them easier for you to sit in them every day.

Find the screws on the bottom and back of the chair. Unfasten these to remove the back and seat. Measure both cushions so that you know how large the cover should be. If the two pieces are one solid piece you can make one solid cover or divide it into two.

Choose fabric that is going to be soft to the touch and has a color that you can handle. Black is often the most common choice because it goes with anything and it doesn’t get stained as easily. When cutting the fabric out you need to add six inches to it. Now fold the edges of the fabric over half an inch and hem the outer edges.

Cut out a small hole inside of the fold in the hem. Extend elastic through the hole and run it around the hem. When this is done cut off any excess elastic and sew it together with the edges of the fabric around the hole. When that is done you will be ready to place the cover over your cheap office chair and transform the look and feel of it.

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