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The fireplace is a feature that many people will pay good money to have in their home. It is more commonly found in homes in the cold climates that need an extra bit of warmth to keep everything warm and toasty. Nowadays though people have the desire to own a gas fireplace rather than the traditional type.

These are a lot easier to clean out for the winter time without losing the classic appearance that we love. During the winter it will also provide you with more warmth. The only thing you need to do is know how to safely light it and keep it going all night long.

Buy a bag of fireplace matches. These are a great deal longer than the average match. This helps to make it easier for someone to light it up without the risk of burning their hands.

The fireplace key that is inside of the gas valve must be turned off. If there are gas fumes leaking into the air than you and your family will be sick and there could be a chance that the house will catch on fire. If the valve is on do not light it. Open windows and doors around the home to air it out.

Strike the match and set it underneath the gas logs on the grates. You will usually have to use two or three matches and drop them all in between the logs. While the matches are still lit and sitting there, slowly turn the key in the valve to on. This will release the gas onto the logs and will start up the flames from the matches. With the valve you can decide on how low or high you want the gas fireplace insert to be. This is why many people love it so much.

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