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The guitar is one of the most popular instruments to learn. With it you can play anything from rock to the blues depending on what mood you are in. Once you have spent a few months to a year learning the difficult chord changes and basic tricks you will be ready to move onto something more advanced.

If you have an electric guitar than you are probably wanting to rock out on it as loud as you can so you can get caught up in the music. The only way that you can truly play this is if you have the proper amp. Choosing any cheap amp that you come across is not going to work. You need to stick with something that is going to give you the right sound that you are looking for.

You need to find a combo amp or a head and cabinet. When they are separate like this you will have more space to work with and the sound will be incredible. The only problem with these is that they are difficult to take with you when you go out on gigs.

Before you get to the store you need to decide whether you want a solid state or tube. The tubes are vintage in both look and sound – which is why many people love them. Unfortunately they weigh a great deal and if they are damaged you will either have to pay tons of money to repair it or replace it. Get the best of both worlds with a hybrid tube and solid state amp. These are newer and are becoming diverse in how they sound.

Try to find one that is going to have plenty of controls so that you can tone it up as needed. It might be daunting and you will have to learn a few things about how it works – but it will come in handy. With these controls you can control the low, mid, and high EQ, overdrive, reverb, and presence. Make sure that they will actually help you and are not a waste of space. If you can play a few guitar chords to test it out.

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