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Cats make the best pet because they are self sufficient and – unlike dogs – can spend large amounts of time on their own without a care in the world. Unfortunately not all cats are the same and some are more temperamental than others. It is important that you understand how to train them while they are kittens so they do as you want when they are cats.

The first thing you need to do is understand the type of training to use on them. They have different personalities and some might withdraw into themselves or act aggressively to the wrong training you use. Try to reward them with food or love – whichever is the biggest motivation for them. Remember that pain is not a form of punishment that should ever be used on animals.

When you are disciplining them you need to get on their level. This shows them that you are serious and they will pay attention better. When they misbehave it is often helpful to use a plant sprayer or water gun full of water. Most cats hate water and will get the message right away. Spray them when they misbehave – but don’t yell at them.

If the water doesn’t work than you need to try the element of surprise. Keep a bean bag nearby to throw at them if they do something wrong. Make sure that the bag does not hit them in anyway. You are only trying to surprise them and stop whatever they are doing. Do it immediately! If you wait till they finish they will not understand why they are in trouble.

If you are experiencing aggressive cat behavior problems than the best thing you can do is to tap gently on their nose. Remember that pain is not an option. Simply tap on the nose and speak to them in way that makes them understand that biting and scratching is not allowed.

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