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The summer is the best time of year that every kid loves. They don’t have to worry about homework, getting to class on time, and waking up early. It is a time where they have the ability to savor the fresh air and to have fun with their friends. With all of this going on they can often forget a great deal of information that they learned during the year.

One way that you have the ability to help them is to offer a way that they can keep learning during the summer months. The hard part is trying to do this without them actually understanding what you are trying to do.

Field Trip
The easiest way for many kids to learn and remember what fun facts is to make it more enjoyable. When trying to freshen up their minds on history why not take them to someplace historical in your area or make a vacation from it. There are many fun places you can take them too that include, Gettysburg, St. Augustine, The Alamo, and a whole lot more.

Art might not be the more crucial subject – but it can still serve them to improve upon their imaginative juices. Allow them to make something with seashells that they have collected. Have them go on nature walks and have them collect plants, flowers, and leaves and put them in a scrapbook.

Not all art is something that you have to draw or paint. Choose a random painting or photograph or have them write a short story, poem, or riddle. Give them the name of the painting and thirty minutes to create something of their own. This is a great way for them to use their imagination and come up with what they consider the picture is talking of. You may be astounded by their ingenuity.

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