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Many people have the dream of opening their own business so that they can be their own boss and decide just how much they want to make every year. The problem with this is that so many people will not do the right type of research to know what type of products people want to buy. One that is becoming popular is the inflatable castle business.

People will rent these or even buy them for birthday parties, festivals, and holidays. Kids love them and it keeps them occupied for hours at a time. It might cost a bit of money to start off the business – but with the right tips and ideas you could be making a good profit during your first two years.

The very first thing you have to do is set up a budget that you must stick to. In this budget you need to put down how much you will spend for each inflatable castle, daily expenses that will be made, promotion, insurance, and other equipment you might need, including a van to transport them in.

Decide on the type of blow ups you are going to sell. Try to have an assortment of sizes for young and older children to use. The castles themselves will eat up a good deal of money – especially if you purchase the themed ones. However, these are going to be what brings in all the money. No matter what you choose make sure that they are all safe to use.

Now that you have the product you need to advertise your business. Use fliers, bulletin boards, web sites, and news paper ads. Call people you know and tell them to refer people. Try to offer deals and specials starting off to bring in new customers. Make sure you let them know that you will deliver, take down, and set up inflatable castles that they rent.

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