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Many of us love to watch TV late at night or in the car while on a long trip. It helps the time to move by quickly and to keep us occupied when there is simply nothing else to do. The only problem with this is that the noise from the TV can wake up our spouse or can be hard to listen to when everyone in the car is listening to music or talking too loudly.

The best way to watch in silence and without disturbing others is to use headphones. It used to be that you could purchase a normal pair of headphones that would connect directly into the television or car DVD. The problem with these is that the wires would not be long enough and would get in the way.

Nowadays you can forget about those problems because they are now wireless. Wireless TV headphones use a transmitter that will send the audio through radio or infrared waves directly into the headset. You will connect the transmitter into the audio output, RCA output, or headphone jack on the television set.

If your TV does not have a headphone jack than you will need to connect an RCA adapter to the headphone connector. This will allow you to plug in the transmitter and then connect the RCA into the audio outputs. In some cases you will also need a 3.5 mm to ¼” adapter if the transmitter doesn’t fit into the headphone jack.

Place the transmitter on the top or beside the television. If it is an infrared transmitter you will have to place it directly beside it with nothing in its way. A clear path means little to no interference. Plug the transmitter in and turn it on. Make sure to charge up the wireless TV headphones before using them.

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