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Warm mist humidifiers are used to fight against chest congestion and coughing caused by the common cold. It eases up the junk that is inside of the chest and allows the person to sleep through the night and to heal faster. The humidifier works by producing steam and than releasing that steam into the air in the room to increase the level of humidity.

Make sure that you choose the right model and size. The large the room the bigger the unit should be in order to work efficiently. Do research and try to find the right model to use for you or your kids. When you have brought it home follow the instructions to put it together properly.

Find the fill line on the water tank and pour in cold or warm water up to that line. Some units might have a separate tank or cup where you can add in a medical inhalant. Vicks is the most common humidifier to offer this and is great to use when fighting allergies and the cold. Make sure to add the medicine before you plug it in.

Place it on a stable surface where children and pets cannot reach it. When they are turned on they will boil the water so that the steam will be released. You increase the risk that your child or pet will have serious burns if it is tipped over.

You want to make sure that the level of humidity in your home is at a healthy level. Purchase a hygrometer that will measure the levels. The healthy levels are between 35 and 45 percent. If the levels are too high you will run the risk of allowing mold and bacteria to grow in your home.

Clean out the warm mist humidifier and change out the filter every few weeks. You need to prevent mold and bacteria from growing inside of it. If you don’t than you will have a difficult time breathing.

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