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Parents love their children and they will do almost anything to make sure that no harm ever comes to them. There are times though when it is nearly impossible to stop them from skinning their knees or getting into poison ivy. While we cannot stop them there are steps we can take to make them feel better.

Spot The Signs

Not all of us have dealt with poison ivy and will have a difficult time even recognizing the symptoms that it causes. The most obvious symptom to look for is a red rash. Any part of the skin that comes into contact with the toxic urushiol oil from the plant will develop a rash and this is the first thing you will see. In more severe cases blisters will form.

Immediate Treatment

You need to take immediate action the moment that you spot a rash forming. Even if you are not sure that poison ivy is the culprit. Take off the clothes they were wearing and throw them into the washer. Draw a lukewarm bath and place the child inside of it. Use mild soap to wash their skin. Be careful not to irritate it. All you are trying to do is wash the oil off.

Dry them off carefully using a soft towel and put them in something comfortable to wear. Try not to cover the rash. If you have to than put them in something that is soft to the touch.

The worst part of treating toddlers with poison ivy is the amount of itching they will feel. Cut their nails so that they will be less tempted to scratch and infect the skin even more. Apply a liberal amount of calamine lotion two to three times every day. Cold compresses will also help the skin to feel less itchy. If the rash is not better after a week take the toddler to your pediatrician.

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