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When we are at home we want to feel secure and safe and we want our family to be protected. It is our responsibility to know the different things we can do to keep our home safe from intruders at all times.

Alarm System

The first thing you should look into is an alarm system. These can be as cheap as $100 or as expensive as $2,000. You don’t need a ton of features that you might never use and that you can’t afford. The best thing to have is a system that will be connected to sensors on all of the windows and doors. You will be alerted any time on of these is opened.

Outdoor Lights

The easiest way for an intruder to enter your home is through the shadows that surround it. No one can seem them approaching when they are enclosed by darkness. Install outdoor lights around the sides, front, and back of the home. Flood lights are the best to use because they are bright and cover a larger area at one time.

Door Locks

Too many of us will have the most basic lock on our door. This makes it easy for even the most inexperienced thief to break into. Try to find a more complex deadbolt or install the latest fingerprint locks. The more features the lock has the harder it will be for anyone to break through it.

Security Cameras

It makes us feel more secure if we can look to see who is outside our door without having to open it first. Install wireless outdoor security cameras around the house. These are best used on the front and back doors and can provide a level of security that you never knew you could have. You can even get one that has a phone to allow you to talk to people on the other side of the door.

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