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Computers are constantly being used to surf the Internet on a daily basis. This leaves them open to attacks from hackers who leave behind special packages that attack the hard drive and steal vital information. Before you realized what has happened your computer is running slow and has died on you.

The best way to avoid this problem is to install antivirus software onto your computer. Using just any program is not going to cut it. It is important to find something that is going to provide the right amount of protection for your computer.

Free Software

The best way to begin your protection is to download a free program. Many Internet Service Providers will offer these. All you have to do is visit their site and look on their technical support page. You will need to download it and provide your license key to have it. Make sure that you alter the settings to work with your computer.


The free software will tide you over until you find something better. Visit computer and electronic stores to look at the different brands available. Look at the different features that they have and what type of computers they should go on. If you have a basic computer than you don’t need something overly complicated.


If you are having a difficult time choosing one than the best thing you can do is to compare antivirus software that you are looking at the most. One of the best ways to do this is to try out the free demos. This usually lasts between thirty to sixty days and will give you a chance to see how well it protects and how easy it is to use. Don’t be afraid to shop around for awhile and also to spend the right amount of money for your needs.

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