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The laundry room is not thought to be the most popular room in the home – but it is still just as functional. It helps to organize the room and utilize simple, clean colors in order to make it appear more open. One of the hardest things that we should decide on when designing this room are the types of floors that we need to use.

When you are picking out the floor the first thing that you need to think about is the amount of moisture can it handle? In most instances, the floor must only have to deal with a small quantity of water at a time. Still, you need to prepare for any leaks or floods that might come about in the future.


This is one of the more common choices because it is water resistant, takes no time to clean, and looks good in any room. It is slightly pricey – but it allows you more versatility when picking out the colors and design you want to use. Utilize little or large tiles betting on what your taste is.


Vinyl is going to be the more affordable selection for anybody. This comes in unique colors and styles and you will have no problems trying to install it yourself. The only trouble with this is that it may tear easily and the edges do not always stay down after a few years of depreciation.


This is another popular laundry room floor option that people like to use. It is water resistant and virtually as strong as tile without the need to pay as much for it. You can install it by yourself with little trouble and can find it in a assortment of designs and colors. This makes it easy to use no matter how you would like to decorate it.

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