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How many times have we been outside watching as our kids are playing or trying to swim laps in the pool and wishing we had some music we could listen to? We try to bring our small radio outside and listen to it – but often the sound is garbled or we cannot hear it. The best solution to this problem is to install outdoor wireless speakers.

After purchasing the model of your choice decide on the best place to put the speakers. Most people prefer to place them on the edges of the patio or deck. This is a stable area for them to be mounted to and where most people will be clearly able to listen to the music. Installing this system might seem daunting – but it is very easy to do. The hard part is knowing what brand to buy.

Mount the speaker brackets onto a post. The device that you bought should come with the brackets and necessary screws to keep it in place. Hold the bracket to the wall and mark where the holes should be using a pen or pencil. Make small holes with a drill and mount the bracket.

Now you are ready to mount the speaker inside of the bracket. Loosed the thumb screws and slide the speaker into position so that the holes on the body of the speaker are lined up with the screws. Now tighten the thumb screws.

The best part about using outdoor wireless speakers is that you do not have to string along wires and cords. Place the transmitter and the stereo on a table beneath the speakers or a few feet away from them. They need to be close enough to transmit the sound waves to the speakers with little interference. Just make sure they are protected from the outside elements.

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