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There are many of us who would enjoy to work with the law. Training to become a lawyer takes years and a good deal of dedication and a good deal of studying. To become one you need to think that this is a career option that you want to go into before blowing any time or money on it. One thing that can help you to make that decision is to become a paralegal.

A paralegal is an assistant to a lawyer. It is their job to assemble documents that the lawyer may require and to research laws and judicial books in order to help them make a case. In this profession you will be able to work for lawyers that handle real estate or those that work to represent or put criminals into prison.

The first thing you need to do when becoming an assistant is to discover a school in your area that has great paralegal programs. It is crucial that you make sure you can afford it and that it is approved by the American Bar Association.

After selecting a school you will be given two choices. The first is to go through a two or four year college and get a degree. With a degree you will be given more job opportunities and the ability to work for larger companies. However, if you want this to be a stepping stone to being a lawyer than it may be easier to become certified only.

During paralegal certification´╗┐ you will be instructed on how to research utilizing the computer, how to utilize legal software, and what the different laws are and what they mean. Certification is simple to get and usually takes a year. Remember to use one that meets the specific requirements set up by the state you live in.

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