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For numerous years tubal ligation was the only type of enduring birth control for women. This operation costs close to $10,000 or more in order to pay for the price of anesthesia, the operating room, medicine, and surgeon. The procedure itself could take a few hours and the woman demands almost six weeks to recover.

Plainly this option is not something that many women prefer to select. Yet, if they have made the choice to not have anymore kids they feel that in the long term future it would be safest to merely have it done. Now though they have at least one more selection to choose from – tubal implants.

This procedure works much in the same way as the other one except that it is non surgical and might be done inside of thirty minutes. The implants are small metal springs. The physician will place them into the opening of both fallopian tubes. Over three months the skin will grow around the implants and firmly seal off the tubes. When this occurs the eggs are not able to make their way into the woman’s uterus.

For the woman to be authorized for this operation she needs to first be tested for any sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s) and vaginal infections. These troubles could increase any chance of a pelvic infection during the process.

During this out patient process the physician will use an instrument to expand the cervix. He will than extend a catheter into the cervix and along the womb before it reaches the fallopian tubes and the implants have been secured.

It is crucial to remember that this procedure is still new and there could be troubles that doctors are not aware of. For now the only problem with tubal implants that any woman has gone through is cramping that took place during the process. She is able to recuperate almost instantly and after three months she will not have to use any other type of contraception.

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