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Having to wear a bra everyday is not something that many women enjoy to do. However, it is done because it helps to provide lift and to pull off any shirt or dress that we want to wear. The look that it creates helps us to be professional or elegant. Unfortunately that look can be changed in a heartbeat when the straps fall off our shoulders.

This is one of the biggest problems that women have when wearing a bra and it is a hard one to figure out. The number one reason that this will happen is because the woman does not have one that has been properly fitted to her body and size. Every woman has a different body shape and size and sometimes simply adjusting the straps is not enough to keep them on.

The next time you are buying one go to a lingerie store or something in a department store. They should be able to measure you exactly and tell you what size you should be looking for. If they are too expensive there than simply get the measurements and buy it at a different store.

If you are trying to find a quick solution without having to spend $20 to $30 to replace it than there is a method you can try. Adjust the tension in the strap by sliding them toward your shoulders. Make sure to test the tension every so often so that it is not too tight. When you have it where it is comfortable and tight, test them to make sure they are not slipping.

If this is not enough to keep your bra fitted to you than try a simple trick. Clip together the straps halfway down your back using a safety pin. By pinning them together like this you will keep them tightly in place. This should even hold up when you are being very active.

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