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Many individuals are seeking to change the state of the world in different ways so that it is a more dependable and better place for their kids. A great way that they are doing this is by shifting out their outside electrical lights for solar powered lights. These will assist to save money and trim the quantity of energy that is consumed on everyday.

Over time these lights might become weakened and may even need to be replaced. However, before you shift it out for something brand new why not attempt to determine what the problem is? There are several elements that you can look at and test to see if it has been broken beyond repair.

Attempt to acquire the screw set underneath the light and remove them. You will also need to take off the glass or globe around it. You should clean the glass to be sure that the dirt and grime is not making it hard for it to work correctly.

Locate the batteries that are beneath the panel on the top of the unit. Clean off the battery ends along with the terminals. If you see any corrosion or rust than you must remove it using sandpaper. Be sure to also get rid of any dirt, grime, or bugs inside of it.

Utilize a battery tester or a volt meter that is situated to the lowest DC setting and find out to see if the batteries are functioning. If they are not functioning all you need to do is interchange the batteries. Make sure to charge it by leaving it out in the sunshine for two days.

If the batteries are fine than it may be something worse. Trying to repair solar lights with a broken photocell or other part may be possible. You should take it to Home Depot or Lowes and see if they will study it.

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