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Cell phones are something that many of us need. We use these to keep in contact with family and friends that live out of town without paying long distance fees. It also helps us to call for help if we are stranded in the middle of nowhere in a broken down car. It is easy to know what type of phone you want. The hard part comes in choosing what type of plan you want to have.


How many parents have purchased the basic family plan and brought their teens on board only to be shocked a month or two later when their bill is almost doubled. Teenagers love to text more than anything and about everything. Price to see how much each text message costs.

If you want to regulate them than purchase a certain amount each month and if they go over you can disable texting altogether. If you don’t mind them texting than you might save money if you purchased the unlimited texting plan.

Multimedia Text

Most phones these days cannot only speak to people through texting – but they can now send and receive pictures through it as well. These messages are usually between $0.25 to $0.50 each. Picking up a message will also cost you so you have to be careful. Most parents prefer to purchase a smaller package because it is not used as often.


The minutes are the most important thing to consider and the one you will use the most. Think about the number of people in your family who are using the minutes and how much they talk. If you use your phone for business or if you are constantly talking on it than you might want to get the higher package. It might save you even more money to purchase the unlimited minutes plan so you never worry about going over.

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