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The biggest dream that moms have is to be able to stay home with their kids and watch as they grow. Unfortunately many mothers are not able to do this because they simply cannot afford to live from one income. Instead of trying to look for work outside of the home try to find ways that you can earn money without going to work every day.

Day Care

Many moms have created a mini day care at their home. If you plan on watching more than a couple of kids than you need to know the day care regulations in your area. Most regulations will only allow a certain amount of children to one adult and in one home. Too many children and you will have to get a license. This type of business is great because most moms love it and their children have someone to play with.

Pet Service

People love their pets and most are willing to pay almost anything in order to make sure that they are well provided for. If you love animals than why not get paid to watch them while the owners are on vacation. You could even walk them and groom them on a weekly basis.

Gift Baskets

The creative moms would love making gift baskets for certain people. You can decorate them yourself and sell them to friends and family during birthdays and holidays. During a local festival you can set up a booth to sell them or have them pre-ordered.

Homemade Goods

Most moms love to cook and they improve their skills the longer they have been married. Why not be more creative in what you make and sell them? These types of Christian home based businesses are popular for special events and around holidays.

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